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Future of NFTs

Seize the unique opportunity to invest in a revolutionary financial product combining the fundamentals of NFT technology with yield-backed security.

What Is INFS?

INFS (Independent Non-Fungible Security) is a financial product that combines the value of NFT and yield-back security with real-world guarantees. Guarantees are customizable and can take the form of company shares, products, and more. YVEL, the INFS project’s primary investor, is offering guarantees in the form of a one-of-a-kind 24-carat gold coin designed by YVEL to represent your investment.

INFS gives you total independence in realizing the collateral by allowing you to establish separate independent collateral for each NFT security.

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Our Vision

We aim to create a platform that allows companies and individuals to trade financial products like INFS and select the criteria of their products. The platform will allow traditional companies to create and participate in the trade of their own financial products. Become one of the first 5000 investors to grab this unique and limited opportunity to participate in the future of financial trading and the next step for NFTs.
25% of the profits will be distributed among the first 5000 investors.

How It Works

Start the verification process

KYC + AML and Accredited Investor verification

Make your purchase

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Get the NFT to your wallet within 60 days

Get the NFT to your wallet within 60 days

Get a physical gold coin manufactured and stored in YVEL’s safe

Get a physical gold coin manufactured and stored in YVEL’s safe

Earn profits from the platform

Earn profits from the platform

Experience the Guaranteed Value INFS

In addition to the profits investors will get, INFS is backed by physical assets and company shares, removing much of the gamble from financial investments. Investors have total independence and can claim their collateral temporarily or permanently at any time.

Enjoy Total Freedom and Guaranteed Security

INFS investments can be redeemed and converted into credit that can be used to purchase YVEL jewelry up to the retail value of $10,000 at any given time.

Earn Ongoing Profits

The first batch of investors will receive 25% of the system’s profits. 20% will be in annual profits, while 5% will be reserved for coin consolidation maneuvers that can be used to grow the original investment.

About YVEL, the Project’s Primary Investor

YVEL combines traditional values with constant innovation, and its unique designs have been recognized worldwide, receiving 10 design awards from various bodies. The company’s designs are sold worldwide and celebrated at world-renowned art exhibitions (e.g., Art Basel, SOFA Chicago, Art Beijing, etc.) and have been worn by high-profile celebrities, such as Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Barbara Walters, Maria Sharapova, Bette Midler, Isla Fisher, Rihanna, and many more.


Founded in 1984 by Orna and Isaac Levy, YVEL has cultivated its reputation for excellence, quality, and innovation for over 38 years.

Yvel’s Award Winning Designs


Yvel is best known for its natural pearl and diamond pieces that can run into the thousands of dollars. Yvel pieces have been seen on megastars such as Rihanna and Katy Perry, as well as actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Bette Midler.

Known for creating jewels made of baroque pearls, has a workforce of about 150 persons in Israel and the U.S. This includes craft persons from Ethiopia who were trained at the Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art at Yvel’s factory outside of Jerusalem.

Yvel remains at the forefront of shaping the perception of how pearls are understood and worn today. The brand offers wearable works of art inspired and created from years of collecting rare pearls and precious gems.

Today, you can spot Yvel's designs on Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson; you can also spy one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from Yvel's Art To Wear Collection at international art fairs.

They started their company in 1986, and 25 years later, Yvel pearls have been lauded in the industry, having won at the prestigious Town & Country Couture Design Award multiple times, including three consecutive Best in pearl Design awards.


Isaac Levy


orna Levy

Design Director

Advisory Board

Gil Solomon

Legal Counsel

Mati Greenspan



it security

Apply for your first INFS


Although stored in YVEL’s safe, the coin will belong to the INFS company. The owner may choose to permanently withdraw the coin at any time. If the owner wants to withdraw the coin temporarily, they have the option to do so once a year. The coin will remain in the owner’s possession for two months, which begins from the moment the coin is removed from the safe until it is safely returned- during that time, the investor will not be entitled to receive or accrue the profits earned through the INFS.

Several companies have already shown interest in the platform and are already in the process of creating their own unique INFS. The plan is to continue onboarding companies issuing INFS through the platform as it grows.

The profits are actual profits of the INFS company as calculated by an external auditing firm.  Revenue will be from the trade commission of INFS and issuing fees from new companies releasing their own INFS. Expenses will include the operational expenses of the platform. Distribution will be done once every quarter or once a year, according to financial reports.

The first 2500 sales will be the only ones sold at the guaranteed price of $10,000.

This price includes the INFS, a 3D model of the coin that represents the purchase, the coin itself that remains in the YVEL safe as a guarantee backing the investment, and the right to the profits earned by the INFS. The purchase also includes the right to redeem the investment at any time for $10,000 worth of YVEL jewelry.

You can redeem your purchase at any time by notifying the company. When you redeem your purchase, you will receive $10,000 in credit that can be used to purchase YVEL jewelry. Investors can also receive their physical coin and replace the original INFS with a traditional NFT, although doing so will revoke their rights to the system’s profits.

During the early stages of the investment process, coins may only be sold to other verified investors

Each coin has its own unique serial number. The coin is set with four gems in a circular pattern. An algorithm ensures that the stones are set in a unique pattern in each coin. Early investors will have the option of customizing their coin with text up to 14 characters long.


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Isaac D. Levy

President and Member of the Board of Directors

Isaac is an acclaimed jewelry designer and globally recognized Founder of YVEL. He has over 35 years of experience in the luxury jewelry and art fields and is also an investor dedicated to a range of industries, including business development, innovation, and social impact. To this end, he co-founded the non-profit social business Megemeria.  

orna Levy

Design Director and Member of the Board of Directors

Orna is a fourth-generation scion of the famous Moussaieff jeweler family, as well as Co-Founder and Chief Designer of YVEK. She is a pearl and gemstone specialist with over 35 years of experience and a wealth of connections in the jewelry and art industry. Orna is also a winner of various international design awards and is highly passionate about social causes. To this end, she has co-founded the non-profit social business Megemeria.

Eliaz Gabay

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

Eliaz is a global strategy and expansion executive. He serves as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of J.ARC Investments in addition to serving as Chief Executive Officer of YVEL Group’s international operations. Eliaz is highly experienced in engaging with official bodies and has extensive experience in the regulatory field. He holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and B.A. (Business & Accounting) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  

Aviv Levy

Chief Marketing Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

Aviv is an e-commerce and marketing expert with vast experience in branding and social media campaign management and performance.

Yuval Odeni

Chief Operations Officer

Yuval is an operation and business development specialist with vast experience in multinational operations. He is highly qualified in managing the design, manufacture, and logistics of operations in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Zeev Zohar

Chief Technology Officer

Zeev is a cyber solution specialist and the developer of various projects such as Initium – a unique technology for PII data encryption. He is an AI tech pioneer with 20 years of experience and seven filed patents in the field. Zeev has proven experience in combining AI in revolutionary cyber security and disruptive technologies.

Adv. Gil Solomon

Advisory Board Member and Legal Counsel to the Company

Adv. Solomon is the founder of Gil Solomon & Co., the global legal counsel to the company and one of Israel’s leading tech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency law firms. Previously, Gil practiced law as an attorney serving some of Israel’s largest firms and as an in-house legal counsel in a leading venture capital fund and a blockchain investment fund. In these positions, he advised and led negotiations on numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain-related investment transactions and initial coin offerings as well as numerous venture capital deals. Gil’s firm has been ranked among the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency law firms in Israel.

Mati Greenspan

Advisory Board Member

Mati is an investment specialist with an eye for the latest market trends and trading opportunities. Having been involved in financial markets his entire life and paper-trading from the age of 13, Mati is one of the leading experts in the field. He is the co-author of “ The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing” and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union.

Yossi Avni

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Avni is a founder and an entrepreneur in the field of IT security. During the last 20 years, Mr. Avni hasled the research and development activities in many international startups and took part in developing advanced innovative technologies from ideas through development and until completion and implementation. Mr. Avni is

aon inventor in more than 20 approved patent applications and 80 other patent amendments, provisional applications that are related in the fields of Artificial Intelligences, Behavioral Biometrics, Behavioral Profiling and advanced IT security systems.